An everlasting dream with you

Code, graphisms, music, sfx by Mobandon

Made in 2 weeks for Rainbow Jam 2017

"I feel like a ghost."
"A very vulnerable and weak ghost."
"All I can do now is avoiding everyone..."
"You say you want to help me escape..."
"But I don't know where should I run."
"Tell me, will I rot in my confusion?"
In french, spectrum is translated into "spectre", which is  also a translation of "ghost"

"It's summertime, and I don't have any plans. I really prefer staying in my room and recover from this awful year. But since then, I have been making... pretty strange dreams."

You must survive 6 dreams (or nightmares?),  with one new type of obstacle added each night.

Before bed time, you get to choose an activity in your room. Each prop will raise one of your stat, and make the game easier (if you want).

When you clear a night, you can replay it ! Pause and return to the title.


Arrow keys: Move cursor/character

Z [(0)button] : Confirm/Boost
X [(X)button]: Skip dialogue (in a dream)

P: Pause (you can return to the title and unlock all levels)

-In the room: move the cursor and press Z to select an object, you will be able to view the the stat it upgrades before entering a dream. (If you don't want an upgrate, select the window.)

-In the dream: keep going down and avoid the enemies. When the countdown is at 0, press Z to use your boost. Play the tutorial to know more!

(English isn't my first language. Sorry if the writing is poor)


Hi, I'm Mobandon, a queer french student who loves music and gamedev!
This game was inspired by Yume nikki, the Persona serie, and danmakus (Lunatic difficulty not included, do not panic!)

This was probably the most ambitious game I have created yet.
I always wanted to create games for everyone, so I hope you will enjoy it!

Special thanks:
-Lexatron for PICO-8

-Font "Space Madness"  by Robert Frye aka Mozz

-And you!

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Made withPICO-8
Tags8-Bit, Action-Adventure, fantasy-console, PICO-8, rainbow-jam
Average sessionA few minutes

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Hey I stumbled across your Gum tiles game and then found this one off your profile and I just wanted to say that they were both awesome and I can't wait to see what you make next!